PrePhalt® FBK is the result of a five years research program with a asphalt producing company. The aim of the project was to use fewer raw materials that are subject to price increases and shortages. In this program the bitumen was dynamically tested to see if it was possible to upgrade the aged bitumen back to the original properties. Also the use of bitumen donors (shingles) was part of the research. During extensive production trails PrePhalt® FBK showed asphaltene stabilizing behavior, malthenes have a similar effect. This behaviour is likely slowing down the physical hardening and thus slowing the aging process.

Rejuvenating Asphalt

PrePhalt® FBK is based on 100% natural resins and is not competing with the food chain. Using reclaimed asphalt will not only save substantial on the carbon footprint, but is also economically very profitable. The whole PrePhalt® FBK system can be installed turnkey.

PrePhalt® FBK is a worldwide patented product