PrepHalt® MBL was the first polymer blend on the market to improve the rheology of the bitumen binder. The first introduction took place on the bus lane in Almere (near Amsterdam, the Netherlands) in 1991 and lasted for over 17 years at the bus stops. PrePhalt® MBL was the first asphalt modification in the market which was developed for the purpose of improve bitumen/asphalt behavior and was not limited to the use of predetermined single polymer. During the development of PrePhalt® MBL all options/polymers where open which resulted in a blend of several types of EVA in combination with a thermo plastic resin and a Fischer Tropsch wax (the first ever in asphalt industry) all protected by an anti oxidant.

High Stability - Flexible production

PrePhalt® MBL is not only improving the stability but is also modifying the total consistency of bitumen. Because of this PrePhalt® MBL modified asphalt mix will perform much better than a single polymer modified asphalt. PrePhalt® MBL is supplied in a pellet and will melt down into bitumen/ asphalt within seconds and gives a stable PmB without the need of extra mixing. PrePhalt® MBL can be used directly into the batch mixer or into the bitumen tank and can be dosed both manually or fully automatically.